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Twitter is the engine that drives social media marketing. You can monetize your twitter account, you can use twitter to drive traffic to a URL, you can make real connections with twitter. You can get featured in other peoples online newsletters that use Twitter, with the proper use of hashtags an @’s you can really pack a lot of expressions into one single tweet.

With the use of “cloaked links” you can have people to click on your affiliate links without a warning. You can use the RSS output from twitter to drive the best content on the web into your feeds. Use and to rss new content into your twitter feed.

The uses of twitter are truly endless and mind boggling. The only way you’re ever going to take full advantage of twitter is to use a tool like TweetAdder. It’s amazing.

TweetAdder is the engine that drives Twitter


My background is broadcast automation so I have a bit of real world experience with both automation and many different software programs. I am astounded at the potential of TweetAdder to absolutely bring out the very best in Twitter.

As an online marketer or anyone who has a stake in the web I can’t imagine what you could possibly be using besides this amazing tool. Let me put this in perspective… I’ve worked extensively on and with the top military grade automation systems on earth and this simple piece of software is just amazing. I can’t sit here and say it beats voice activated log ins and other future tech but for what it is and what you need to be successful in social media marketing I promise you it can’t be beat.

Beating a dead horse.

Not to beat a dead horse but I’ve been wooed, taken out for elaborate nights out on the town, and downright bribed to support software for enterprise. With TweetAdder I saw so much potential for just driving traffic I went looking to be a salesman, someone needs to sell this great software, I thought. That’s when I found out about affiliates and affiliate marketing.

Don’t laugh, the want of promoting and selling this wonderful piece of software that if set up right, can make you a living, is the whole reason I do affiliate marketing. I might not even try without it.

Here are just a few of the options that I use for my marketing.

The ultra powerful create a tweet function. I’m not going to kid you, I think you should know what you can do and I want to help you in every way so I confess I send out 100s, maybe even thousands of tweets in a single day…for the same link or page. How the hell do I create all those different messages? TweetAdders ultra powerful create a tweet feature. Creating tweets is like another game. The goal is to see how many tweets you can create out of one tweet. This is hilarious!

Create a Tweet Feature.

In the early days of digital video I was working on a Closed Captioning device that would create voice to text for the hearing impaired. What this thing said was an abomination that can’t even be repeated on the web. The create a tweet feature is somewhat reminiscent of that but tweets are so much better. I could not come up with 100 different tweets to describe the same web page despite all my creativity but tweetadder comes up with them in seconds. Winning.

Twitter is amazing.

Twitter allows you to send out so many tweets a day, anywhere between 100 to 2000 tweets can be packed with links using a shortening service like, targeted to specific people with an @ and searched for and retweeted via correct and smart use of the #hashmark. Picture this, 1000 tweets a day packed with as many expressions spread over 5 twitter accounts. Tweetadder easily allows you to do this and immediately puts you into a whole other ball game of marketing. Set up a tweet-list and play it every day or set up a different one every day and your followers will never know.

Twitter Tip: Change your profile picture often.

TweetAdder helps you find people who are using twitter actively and tweeting about the stuff you care about, easily and automatically. Set it up and forget it. This is how I find interesting and interested people. You can target specific keywords, for example, anyone who tweets #marketing for Oklahoma. This is a must have for any serious online marketer.

Do you like the “feel good” aspects of social media marketing? All those likes and thanks can get a bit cumbersome. Automatically set up a thank you to anybody who follows you with a click of the button. After so many years of beta testing new software in mission critical environments I’ve learned to love what’s simple and what works. They seem to go hand in hand. TweetAdder fits the bill. My final word on social media marketing is if you are serious you’ll get the TweetAdder.

Buy Twitter Followers

Once you get to about 1700 followers you’ll find you’ve reached a plateau and cannot get anymore follows, Twitter tells you you’ve hit a limit. Now is the time to unfollow the people who won’t or haven’t followed you back but that will only get you so far. What to do? You buy twitter followers at this point. We recommend 2000 followers. This allows you to follow back all the people you couldn’t previously and also to start following new people who then follow you back. Your 2000 new followers will be comprised of your most loyal followers. They won’t unfollow you, spam you or clog up your stream with any tweets. They merely allow you to clear the barrier and attract more real, targeted quality followers. Buy 2000 Twitter Followers for $40 at the link below. Easy, safe and delivered in about 24 hours. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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After you’ve built up a following, you can monetize those twitter accounts with a tool like Revtwt will allow you to take in a RSS feed of tweets to automatically tweet little commercials to your accounts. You’ve already been doing this driving traffic to your own landing pages so why not take advantage of all those followers and make some money while you’re at it? Anyone can realistically make a dollar a day with the average account if monetized correctly. That’s 150 bucks a month for nothing if your running 5 accounts. That’s how the online game is played. A little here and a little there. A diversified portfolio of proven online money making enterprises insures you against any one failure, like a twitter account getting suspended or your Adsense account being suspended. Monetize as much as you can, spread it out and be dedicated.

Maximize your exposure.

A trick I like to use to get even more Revtwt exposure and money is to run a twitter widget on my blog that displays my latest tweets on pages that I’ve made go viral. Then hold off on the tweeting for a while to allow that link a little more exposure time. You’re sure to get more hits that way and some twitter advertising pays per click and some pays per tweet per thousand of followers. Mix and mash them up to maximize your income potential. Put a widget where you can to make sure your links get the most exposure. Create other links to pages that ultimately have the targeted link on them. Be creative and multiply the expression as far as you can.

How much is too much?

How much is too much when it comes to social media marketing, especially in regards to twitter? How many people can you follow? How many tweets can you send out in a day?

New accounts need to cool it or be suspended, I usually only start out following 20 people a day with a new account. After 3 months though I follow up to 300 people a day without issue.

I’ve went to great lengths to recover old twitter accounts that only have 250 or so followers but 10,000 tweets. Those are the gold.

On a new account I tweet maybe 20 – 40 times a day but on an established account I’ve sent out over 1000 tweets in a single day. The results are real. If your tweets are well thought out and you have a plan you can get your article posted in’s and other curation newsletters. It takes effort and strategy but so does the game Monopoly, have fun.

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Who to follow?

I don’t follow anybody unless they have at least 3000 followers. There may be situations where you want to reach people who have just signed up for twitter, but in my case I want veteran Twitter users and hopefully social media marketers. If they have 3000 followers you can get away with any number of tweets and it just blends into the stream, nice and regular. In this case you can really bombard your followers and get a lot of action. So think about who you want to follow and make decisions based on a few criteria. Monitor the twitter account to see if your getting an inordinate number of unfollows, if so pull back a little. It takes a bit of trial and error to get your strategy tuned just right but when you do it just works in the background 24 hours a day to make you money.


If used judiciously StumbleUpon is an incredible platform to send traffic to your page and ultimately to your links. The trick, if there is one, is to have an established account where you have selected a lot of good articles and you must have submitted other peoples works, not just your own.

If you create a new account and submit all links from one website you’ll be penalized and so will the site, don’t do it. Be smart. Have good content for one, don’t submit just any old crap. When you have the content worthy of StumbleUpon you submit it with one keyword in mind. Sports is sports, marketing is marketing, don’t try and find a niche, be broad.

Before you do this make sure your host is able to handle the extra traffic. I use Hostgator and have had great luck with them.

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We’ve successfully used StumbleUpon to drive 7-10k people a month to single article postings. StumbleUpon works.

Once you get the basics of driving traffic to your site using social media you’ll be able to identify niche social media platforms that will work even better for your content.

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